The Imperial Hotel & Resort

159 Thuy Van Street, Vung Tau City , Vietnam |  Tel.: +84 254 362 8888 | 

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  LEARNING - QUARTER 3 - 2017       LEARNING - QUARTER 2 - 2017

Treat Guests Like Family (All Level)
Go extra-mile so your guests will keep returning
ASSIGNMENT: post an instagram video of you promoting being happy working at The Park Lane Jakarta because you learn to treat guests like family. Use #treatguestslikefamily; Mention @parklanejkt and

MAX. SCORE 150 points after assignment

Exceptional Employees - Part 2 (Level A – D only)
Emotional intelligence is an essential part of the whole person
ASSIGNMENT: call your DOL imeediately after watching the video for an online test; Deadline: 30 Sep 2017

Score: maximum 300 points.

Motivating Delegation For Leaders (Level E – I only)
Involve your team members so your team can accomplish more tasks
ASSIGNMENT: come to training room for a practical test; Schedule: in August 2017, contact DOL for details

Score: maximum 500 points.